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Rebecca’s love for working with natural materials and her appreciation for the changing seasons shine through in her work. She draws inspiration from the beauty of the materials she uses, and this is especially evident in her floral designs.

In the spring, Rebecca is captivated by the simplicity and charm of tulips. These delicate flowers herald the arrival of warmer weather and vibrant colors after the cold winter months. Rebecca’s designs during this season likely reflect the freshness and grace of tulips, incorporating soft pastel hues and elegant arrangements.

As summer approaches, Rebecca’s style takes on a more glamorous and luxurious tone, much like the peonies that bloom during this time. Peonies are known for their lush, extravagant blooms, and Rebecca may use them as a focal point in her arrangements, creating stunning, eye-catching designs that exude opulence and style.

Throughout the year, Rebecca embraces the various flowers and foliage that accompany each season, allowing her designs to evolve and adapt to the changing natural landscape. Her ability to capture the essence of each season in her floral creations makes her work truly special and resonates with those who appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

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Hamswell House garden Ceremony

Rebecca is truly amazing at her job!

Not only is she friendly and approachable, she clearly knows her field. She really listened to what we wanted, offering different suggestions while making our dreams a reality.

Rebecca genuinely wanted to help and made our day seem so important. She was quick to reply to all communication and her floral displays exceeded our expectations.

Holly & Freddie


Rebecca Hobbs is a highly experienced and dedicated Creative Director with an impressive 26 years of experience in the floral industry. Her long-standing commitment to her craft sets her apart as a seasoned professional who is not just a passing trend in the world of floristry.

Rebecca’s journey in the industry began with professional training as a florist, and in 2005, she took the bold step of founding her own floral business, Bijoux Floral Design. Over the years, she has earned a reputation for her ability to stay ahead of trends in floral styling, ensuring that her creations are always contemporary and in-demand.

One of the hallmarks of Rebecca’s business is her unwavering dedication to providing sincere and steadfast service to her brides. This commitment to her clients has likely earned her the trust and loyalty of many couples who have sought her expertise to enhance their special day.

Rebecca Hobbs’ extensive experience, training, and dedication to her craft make her a standout figure in the floral industry. Her ability to combine on-trend floral styling with exceptional service ensures that she continues to excel in her field and deliver memorable floral experiences to her clients.

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